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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Categories - How Authors Can Get more from Amazon!

How do you get Amazon working for you?  It starts with putting your new release in a category that will get your book noticed!  Hot New Releases are books that are number 1-5 in the top category and a great way to have your book seen.  Of course you want your book in the hottest category for whatever genre your writing about, but there are alternatives.  Those alternatives can give your book an extra push that Amazon works to promote for you!  I can't stress enough how important this is!  My book, 1/2 Cocked is a New Adult Romance but it also fits under categories where I can get it more traction.

Let's take a look at what I'm talking about to make it easy to understand!  Here is the hot category of New Adult Romance.  I used the last book in the top 100 to make a point here so check it out!

You'll noticed quickly that this books even at #100 in New Adult and College is still overall #1,120 in overall ranking.  So that tells us to even make it into the top 100 of this category you have to be less than 1,120 to make it.  If you're E.L James, that's not an issue, for the majority of us, breaking out with a new release under that number is impossible.  So what do you do?  Look for a category that works but the top 100 book is more realistic.  Confused?  Let me show you and example.

My new release is #5,958 in the Kindle Store, but you'll see it's #1 and #3 in other categories.  Look above in that photo at the the top you'll also see it's a Hot New Release.  That's possible because I found other categories my book could be listed under.  I'm a woman writer, and my book is romance, it still follows the theme of my book without throwing it under New Adult Romance where it would get hidden by all the other books in the flooded category!

Are you following my logic yet?  My book gets noticed because it's a Hot New Release and it's not hiding under an avalanche by the flooded market of New Adult!  You'll have to take the time to research your categories, and it's a little time  consuming.  In my opinion it's completely worth it.  Let me know what you think!

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