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I'mMichelle Hughes

Kindle Press Romance Author and Self-Publishing Coach

I am Michelle Hughes. You've come to the right place if you're interested in turning your romance books into bestsellers.

I'll be updating as the market changes, and it's my greatest hope that I can help you start your journey into self-publishing off easily.

We'll focus on getting the right tools for the job before you put pen to paper, and walk through the publishing process and finally marketing your book to make sure it gets in front of the audience you're trying to reach, romance readers!

Pull up a seat and let's get down to this business called publishing! I look forward to hearing your stories of success.

My Latest Projects

Creating Your Author Facebook Page

Creating your Facebook Author Page
Follow the Steps below to create a great landing page for your readers
Visit your homepage scroll to the bottom where you’ll see createpage (highlighted below)

Choose Business or Brand as highlighted below

Fill in the following information with your author name and choose author as highlighted below

Upload a photo of yourself here (or if you wish a logo)

Create a facebook banner for your page by visiting www.canva.com I’ll show you how to do that in the next step.

Visit www.canva.com and click on the facebook cover

After choosing the banner you like edit it as as shown in the next step

You’ll see these options on the canva screen highlighted, this is where you would put your author or logo photo

I chose a photo of my beautiful cousin Candace LeRae as an idea of how your banner could look, then filled in an author name and what type of books I write.

The next thing that comes up on your page is this. See the highlighted button below and click it to get your friends liking your page.

Next you want to add a button on your facebook page so people can subscribe to your newsletter. Click the highlighted button on your new page

This is how you add that button and configure it. Follow the highlighted steps

Again follow the highlighted steps in order

Make sure to click finish as highlighted below

The last thing to do is adding a short description about your page as highlighted below. It can be as simple as your name, what types of books you write, to longer with a bio if you choose. That’s it, you’ve got a new facebook author page!

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